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Panasonic HDTV 1080i

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Posted 27 May 2010 — by matty
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what is the resolution and refresh rate for standard(4:3) 1080i HDTV?

I have a panasonic tau CT27HL14J CRT(not lcd) HDTV.

thank you
but it is definitely 1080i

The "i" in "1080i" stands for "interlaced"...And all interlaced video scans at 30Hz (or 30 frames per second)...And just for fun (if anyone cares), the "p" in "1080p" stands for "progressive"...And all progressive video scan at 60Hz (60 frames per second)...Your interlaced signals are measured in scan lines and progressive signals in pixels.

And for the folks home, TVs with 720p or higher are technically HDTVs...And any TV that can produce 480p as it's highest format, is called an EDTV (enhanced def)...And a TV that pulls in digital signals with its highest format being 480i, are called SDTVs (standard def)...The shape of the screen is irrelevant.

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News and Info. : Panasonic HDTV 1080i

HD, HDTV and High Def, what do I need to understand about these terms mean when I am looking to purchase a TV?

Unfortunately asking for help at a local electronics super store only confuses the issue as they explain things in technical language that you may not understand either.

So lets try to explain things in a simple manner so that anyone can understand it. This way you won't either over spend -- or not get what you are hoping for, while shopping for your next TV set.

So Lets Start At The Beginning...What Exactly Is HDTV?

Simply put, HD stands for High Definition. It describes the quality of the broadcast signal as well as the quality of the picture on your television screen.

Did You Know That There Are Different Levels Of HD Quality Available Today?

As of right now the 3 levels of HD available depending on the TV you buy are:

A) 720p

B) 1080i

c) 1080p

You Are Probably Wondering What Do These Numbers Mean?

The numbers correspond to the lines of resolution on your TV screen. First lets discuss a standard TV, which only shows a 480i picture. This means there are 640 vertical pixels x 480 horizontal pixels that make up your televisions picture.

It only makes sense then that the more pixels or lines of resolution you have...the better your picture quality is going to be.

Are you following me so far?

So Then How Many Pixels Does An HD Plasma or LCD Have?

As discussed befor, there are different grades of HDTV broadcasting available.

A) 720 p has 720 vertical pixels and 1,280 horizontal pixels

B) Both 1080i and 1080p have a resolution of 1,920 vertical pixels x 1,080 horizontal pixels

It only makes sense then that a 720p has a better picture than a typical 480 TV, and a 1080i TV or 1080p TV has a clearer picture than a 720p plasma tv.

Does that make sense?

So What Does The "p" And The "i" Represent?

The "p" or the "i" refers to how the picture is refreshed on your tv screen. The "p" stands for "progressive", while the "i" stands for "interlaced".

Now what does this mean?

Imagine taking a paintbrush covering your entire TV screen with one stroke. That's what happens with a "Progressive" broadcast signal. When you have a 720p or 1080p television all 720 or 1080 lines of resolution are refreshed on your TV at the same time.

On the other hand when it comes to a 1080i or "interlaced" TV, you would take that same paintbrush and just pain in every other line. First all of the even lines of resolution are pained in. Then 1/30 of a second later all of the odd lines are painted in, etc, etc.

Can you see how a 1080p picture would provide a crisper picture then a 1080i?

But there is something you need to know before spending the extra money on a 1080p... All cable and satellite channels are currently broadcasted in 1080i picture. That's right...even if you had a 1080p TV-It would offer no better picture then a 1080i.

When Might You Consider Buying A 1080P

A) You are the type that MUST HAVE the latest and greatest technology

B) You are willing to wait for the cable companies to start broadcasting in a 1080p signal

C) You own or are planning to spend $1000 to buy a Blueray or HD DVD player since they are the only equipment that can produce a 1080p signal that you can see on a 1080p TV.

My suggestions:

If you have never had an HDTV before...anything you get will be an unbelievable difference in your movie experience. If your budget can only afford a 720p-- then go for it. You will absolutely just love the improvement over your old 480i!

If you can afford to spend a few dollars more then go with the 1080i television, you will not regret it.

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